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Maximum equality ...

Tie at 3 in a frantic match, between two teams with different aspirations.


He was ahead of RCD Carabanchel,  Cesar Garzón's men came to dominate 3-1 in the 53rd minute of the second half.

The goals of CD El Álamo were the work of Pedro, Nano and Jony.


He deserved more ... but this is Preferential

Cesar Garzón's boys could not with a rival who played the entire second half with one less man.



The importance of returning winning ...

Two goals from Jose Luis give the first victory in the return to Preferente of CD El Álamo.


The long-awaited day arrived, after a long journey in the Regional, CD El Álamo returned on the right foot to the Preferente Madrileña. 

Cesar Garzón's boys controlled at all times a match marked by the expulsion of a rival in the 27th minute.  Jose Luis doubled (both from penalty)  and gave the first joy to the green and white parish.


Next rival AD Villaviciosa de Odón.

Cesar Garzón (Mister of the 1st Team) talks about the Preseason

At 43, he is facing his second season as CD El Álamo's first coach.


Cesar Garzón is a man linked to football, after his ephemeral time at Puerta Bonita and Montijo-San Antolín, he has also been coach of the lower categories of La Salle, in El Bierzo, Colonia Ofigevi "B", Águilas del Lucero, Alzola, Parque Europa and Parla Escuela.

After getting the "longed-for" promotion to the Madrid Preferente, Cesar tells us about the current situation of the First Squad in the face of a season full of illusions.


The full interview in this LINK


XLI Trophy "Christ of Health"

CD El Álamo was presented to its fans at the Municipal Facundo Rivas, which presented a good entrance from the public eager to see the faces of the new squad.


CDA Navalcarnero beat CD El Álamo by 0 to 2 in the dispute for the XLI Trophy "Cristo  Of the health".


The  goals were the work of  Sergio Granero and Joaquín, in  a match that served, in addition to rolling the team, to present the squad to the fans for the next season, which will officially begin next Sunday September 13 against CD Los Yébenes - San Bruno.


The Alameños preseason will continue  next Saturday with the dispute of a new preparation friendly against the  CD Leganes Junior Honor Division.



The Sports Directorate of Club Deportivo El Álamo communicates  the renovation of Bodgan Birlea, better known as " BODGAN "


The forward returns to the Club's discipline after a trial period with the Romanian 2nd Division.



From the Club we wish him all the luck in the world for the next season.



Kind regards

Bogdan, renews with CD El Álamo

Another reinforcement for the 1st Squad

The Sports Management of Club Deportivo El Álamo is pleased to announce a new signing for the first team.


Is about  Jesús Alberto Llorente Ríos " NANO ". (10/5/1990)


24-year-old interior from CP Parla Escuela


From all levels of the Club we wish him the best of luck.


Kind regards

New incorporation for the 1st Template

The Sports Management of Club Deportivo El Álamo is pleased to announce a new addition to the first team.


Is about  Francisco López de la Rica " PACO " (09/13/1990).


Defensive midfielder, from CP Parla Escuela


From all levels of the Entity we wish him the best of luck.



Kind regards

Pre-Season Start

The El Álamo Sports Club has already set a return date for the squad after the holidays.


The  preseason will officially begin on Monday  August 17 at the Municipal Stadium Facundo Rivas.  The players, renewed and new signings, who are part of the team, will jump to the Municipal at 7:45 p.m. for a first contact between their new teammates and the technical team.


In these two days until the start, the technical team and the Board of Directors work tirelessly but calmly in the search for new players who can contribute to the style that they want to establish in the face of the new adventure in the Madrid Preferente.


The Sports Directorate also works to close friendly matches, which will be communicated in a timely manner, in preparation for the start of the league.


New additions to the first team

Club Deportivo El Álamo is pleased to announce new additions for the 2015/2016 Season.


The players incorporated into the first squad are:


Darío Sanchez Regueiro, " DARÍO" . Goalkeeper from Doba Ciempozuelos


Jose Carlos Fernández Gómez " PEPE ". Defense that comes from RCD Carabanchel


Jonathan Alonso Herrera  " JONY ". Forward who comes from CF Pozuelo "B"







First team additions











Club Deportivo El Álamo is pleased to announce the first incorporations for the 2015/2016 Season.


The players incorporated to the orders of Cesar Garzón are:


Eloy López De Lerena Cordero " ELOY ". 30 years, Lateral - Left Interior that comes from the CD Colmenar de Oreja.


José Luis Alguacil Carnero “ JOSÉ LUIS ”. 23 years old, Midfielder who comes from CD Fortuna


Juan Carlos Banda Jiménez " JUAN CARLOS ". 25 years, Defense that comes from CD Móstoles URJC


Pedro Navarro Cedillo " PEDRO ". 25 years old, Forward who comes from CDA Navalcarnero


Roberto Ortiz Pérez " ORTIZ ". 28 years old, Defense that comes from CD Fortuna



First team renewals















El Álamo Sports Club is pleased to announce the first renovations for the 2015/2016 Season.


The renewed players are:



We already have rivals ...

In the absence of official confirmation by the RFFM, the teams that will make up Group II of the Madrid Preferente for next season are the following:


  1.   SR Villaverde Boetticher

  2.   CD Los Yébenes San Bruno

  3.   CP Parla School

  Four.   AD Villaviciosa de Odón

  5.   Real CD Carabanchel

  6.   CD Leganés "B"

  7.   CD Griñón

  8.   CD Montijo San Antolin

  9.   AD Arganda

10.  Real Aranjuez CF

eleven.  CD Fortuna

12.  CD Vicálvaro

13.  CF Deportivo Ciempozuelos

14.  AD Colmenar Viejo "B" 

fifteen.  Ciempozuelos CF 

16.  Olympic Lisbon of Alcorcón 

17.  Latin CD 

18.  CD The Alamo  



Kind regards.

Hugo Santano is back !!!

After spending a few days in the hospital due to an unfortunate traffic accident, Huguito is back !!!


From "the family of Club Deportivo El Álamo" we wish him a speedy recovery and we await him for the start of the preseason.


Kind regards.

Cesar Garzón renews with the CD El Álamo

The Board of Directors of Club Deportivo El Álamo is pleased to announce the renewal of Don César Garzón as 1st Coach of the first team for the 2015/2016 Season.



From all levels of the Club we wish him the best of luck for the new career in the Madrid Preferente.



Kind regards.

Call Ordinary General Assembly

Serve this as a call to the Ordinary General Assembly to be held next Friday, June 26 at 8:00 p.m. in the first call (8:30 p.m. in the second call) in the Trophy Room of the Facundo Rivas Municipal Stadium.


The order of the day is as follows:

  • Assembly Reading 2013/14

  • Financial Year Report 2014/15

  • Budget Season 2015/16

  • Sports Project 2015/16

  • Requests and questions


Kind regards.


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