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The lower divisions of Club Deportivo El Álamo

Our grassroots football structure, has the same work philosophy in all its categories, from prebenjmines to juveniles, it supposes (in addition to an extraordinary saving in terms of transfers), that the players have played since they were little in the same way, so that in a natural way, they can be found playing in the first team and adapt to the concepts and demands of the game from day one.

We currently have the following equipment:

  • Lollipop (1  team)

  • Prebenjamin (1  team)

  • Benjamin (2  teams)

  • Alevin (2  teams)

  • Infant (2  teams)

  • Cadet (2  team)

  • Youth (2  teams)

  • Amateur "B" (1 team)

The lower categories of Club Deportivo El Álamo  every week they carry out hard work in their advancement towards the elite and towards the possibility that several of their members will be part of the first team in the medium term future. 



Contamos en la actualidad con los siguientes equipos

  • Chupetin (1 equipo)

  • Prebenjamin (2 equipos)

  • Benjamin (2 equipos)

  • Alevin F7 (2 equipos)

  • Infantil (1 equipo)

  • Cadete (2 equipos)

  • Juvenil (2 equipos)

  • Amateur "B" (1 equipo)

Las categorías inferiores del Club Deportivo El Álamo realizan cada semana un arduo trabajo en su avance hacia la élite y hacia la posibilidad de que varios de sus integrantes formen parte del primer equipo en un futuro a medio plazo. 

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